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A New Look at The Gay Choice

Lesbians Explain why Straight Girls (and everyone else) Love Lesbian Porn

The Have a Gay Day Facebook Ban

And Miley Cyrus is an Ugly Lesbian

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look everyone, Kelly Carlson!!!!

look everyone, Kelly Carlson!!!!


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Well Friends…

It seems as if my entire blog has been deleted. I have no idea how or why. I just updated with a post and the previous ones were gone, so I shall start all over again. Clearly WordPress would love for me to hit the bottle at before noon today. Curses!

Viral Lesbians

They don’t exist. In searching for content to attempt to draw people to the site, I’ve found that lesbians just don’t go viral. Gay men? They might be born viral. Seriously, the outrageous and adorable things that make every women “need to have a gay bestie” also lend themselves to a viral explosion of attention. In articles about “gay rights” they’re more often featured than lesbians. This might be because they’re more extraverts and demand attention in more successful ways, but the fact remains-when you search for LGBT viral, you’re going to find gay things…not nearly as many lesbian-related photos and videos.

What doesn’t make sense is, we’re adorable! Lesbians are beautiful, women are beautiful-everyone thinks so. Straight men…love women, straight women…all admit to “girl crushes”, gay men….they aren’t always fans of lesbians, but they do love women-I mean their intellectual fascination with boobs is astounding…so what’s the deal?! People would LOVE an adorable lesbian couple meme or a video that shows a lesbian proposal-please not at Home Depot, we’re fighting stereotypes, remember? So why aren’t more lesbians sharing their moments, their lives, making themselves visible to the general public? Because, no one fights for what they can’t see. And it’s hard to see lesbians. Is it because women are less likely to share their friends’ moments out of jealousy that it’s not their moment? When researching Viral Lesbians (yeah it sounds gross, I’ve kind of taken a liking to the term) I came up with one video. And of course, it was Ellen and Portia-the Queens of the Kingdom of Lesbilot. I love them dearly, I mean you can’t help but love an conventionally unconventional couple like those two. But I think we deserve more recognition! We deserve a place on the world stage, just like gays proposing in Home Depot (again ladies, please work a little harder) or taping themselves in heartfelt coming-out videos…

But until that happens, here’s Ellen giving Portia a present. Because. Well they’re what we have and they’re fucking adorable

The Unconventional Convention

As my blog was deleted, this is a reprint-I apologize.

I got a comment! On my first day! So basically, that one little comment has given me hope that I won’t just be typing into the ether for no one to see. (edit: the few comments I’ve had have all been deleted in the great Eff Mads’ Blog Episode) And so, I shall persevere.

A little more about me, because why not. I’m the most conventional-looking unconventional chick you could probably find. I despise all conventions, and thus used to wear my hair really short (see below) just because people always demanded to know why I wore it short. I don’t think marriage is for 99.99999% of the human population because, I just don’t think they realize monogamy isn’t natural for us-it’s work. So as soon as it becomes work, they try to find something else that seems more natural. I oooo and ahhhh over the uncute dogs of the world-the ones with no hair, the pit bulls, my absolute FAVE the cane corso! I think my most unconventional aspect is my career choice…I’m a Pathologists’ Assistant. Which means, I do autopsies and dissect all the surgical specimens that come off people. If a colon cancer patient has their bowel taken out-I get the bowel first. I look at it, determine what’s wrong with it, cut up the interesting bits, and send them on for the Pathologist to microscopically diagnose. In short, I do the fun part. So as you see, even though my unconvention doesn’t show from the outside, it’s definitely there.

I envy those, especially lesbians, who can be called out just by looking at them-everyone know’s they’re different and there’s a certain amount of admiration that goes along with that. Meanwhile, those of us who…appear to fall into line with convention are judged as “not gay enough” by both our unconventional counterparts and general society! Also, just in case some of you stereotypicals think I’m not self-aware enough to realize that most of my outrage is due to jealousy that I don’t scream lesbian…I totally acknowledge it and wish I could pull off the lesbian look. Then maybe guys wouldn’t think I just “haven’t met the right dick” bc let’s be honest ladies, when I was trying my darndest to date men – I met quiet a few dicks….in every sense of the word. I was out with my girlfriend once and one man actually pointed at me from across the bar and yells, “you, and you-I’m gonna put it in your butt later”…these were the only words either one of us had exchanged up until this point. I have no idea what about me says not only “I’m very much straight” but also “but you know, I like putting it in unique places”…sigh.

So for today’s unconventional convention (I PROMISE this won’t be the only thing I harp on-it’s just on my mind) I give you Piper Kerman, who most of us may know as the inspiration of Orange is the New Black’s Piper Chapman. I’ve been reading her memoir-READ IT, even if you’re watching the show. It’s just different enough to be interesting and fantastic! Seriously though, she’s an idol of mine-bringing the unconventional “who cares that I’ve slept with men and women” to the public eye. Because, really, who cares what she identifies as? She’s had a hella entertaining life!

"Piper Chapman" and the woman she's based on, Piper Kerman

“Piper Chapman” and the woman she’s based on, Piper Kerman